Who’s in Burger City? Why are the Windows Taped?

18 11 2009

A lot of people have been stopping by the (closed) restaurant, tapping on the door and saying hi.  More have been asking “Who are the people in Burger City when I stop by?”

Short List?

Tig Collins – going over inventory and getting ready for our re-opening.  Working with our marketing staff on new menus and coordinating our blogs and other social media.

Tami Countryman – Project Manager for the re-opening, and her crew of volunteers who are rearranging the furniture and making sure all the paperwork is filed and in order for Burger City (wow, staying open during the summer would have been so much easier!)

Steve Anderson – Director and instructor for Teen Street Players, a youth Theatre group which is part of UACT – Urban Artist Conservatory of Tucson – offerings.  They are taking classes and having rehearsals.  Remember all of ArtFare Block is “shared space” and you will meet artists, musicians, and other performers everywhere on the ArtFare Block.

ArtFare Block volunteers – We have lots of great things happening and many announcements for your arts pleasure this holiday season, so we are having lots and lots of meetings in Burger City.  Continue watching this site, check out our twitter page, and more to find out what’s happening.

The windows are covered to give our ArtFare volunteers some privacy as they work to get us re-opened quickly.  We love you all but we had twice as many people inquiring before we put up the paper and less work was getting done.  We promise it will be worth the wait!




One response

9 11 2010
Vicki Doyle

Hi Tig!
Please keep me in the loop about your re-opening! The MTCVB would love to be a part of helping get the word about about Burger City!!

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