Music & Dance

Diverse Dance

Do you have children who like to dance? Know how to dance? or want to learn how to dance?

Diverse Dance Academy is currently enrolling students (boys and girls) ages 2 and up!

~ discounts when you register more than one student

~5 to 10 students per class

~Private classes are also available!

For more information please call 520-777-8105

Weekly-10am Monday/Tuesday

Weekly-5pm Wed/Thursday

3rd floor, Dance Studio

Call 903-0918 for info

Salsa Classes with Salson’s Gerardo Armandiraz

Beginner Level II (6:15 to 7:15 PM) Fridays
Continuation from beginner level I: focus on rhythm, timing, proper leading and following technique, basic turns, cross body leads, and improvisation.

Intermediate Level II (7:30 to 8:30 PM) Fridays
Continuation from intermediate level I: focus on rhythm, and timing, proper leading and following techniques, turns and cross body lead combinations, checks, hammerlocks, and improvisation.

Pricing: $45 for 6 weeks

We will no longer offer open salsa classes on Fridays

Call 903-0918 for info

J.P. Thom-Gronachan: The Musician Maker

Private lessons for traditional American folk instruments – the strings, such as guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin – and the free reeds, i.e., accordions, concertinas, and harmonicas. He also teaches the fundamentals of singing, piano/keyboard, classical guitar, and music theory. Primarily teaching in a one-on-one format, J.P. also offers classes for groups ranging from 3 to 6 with instruments, and up to 10 if instruments are not needed, as in a general music/choral class situation. J.P. Thom-Gronachan has a B.A. in music from Arizona State University and 25+ years experience at breaking down music practicum and music theory into bite-size pieces for any student, whether that student is 8 years old or 80.

Normal scheduling consists of a weekly half-hour lesson at $20.00 per lesson, paid monthly

Call 903-0918 for info

Diverse Dance Students

Diverse Dance Students

Fiddle Student of JP Thom-Granachan

Fiddle Student of JP Thom-Granachan

ArtFare Ballet

55 North Sixth Avenue

Tucson, Arizona 85701

520-440-1126 or 520-884-5124

The traditions, work, and combinations of Mme. Mitrovich and Cecchetti Technique are at the core of ArtFare Ballet, though the program includes choreographing original ballet with original music. The work presented is influenced by Mr. George Zoritch, Stephanie Stiegers and Jane Matty, and Jose Valenzuela and his American Ballet Theater tradition and experience along with  Nancy Gambion who taught Cecchetti Technique at Pima Community College  and more recently Carrie Ragsdale, also from Pima.

ArtFare Ballet presents children’s performances, including original works, and in the near future, a new ballet featuring one of the great Capoesristas.

The last ballet performed, “Scheherazade”,  featured two company soloists and six local children.  Our goal is to not only expose children who might not have previous training (classical dance, music, drawing, painting, poetry, etc) but also to have these children participate. They learn as they go, making their own costumes, learning to get themselves on and off stage at the proper time, learning to try really hard.

ArtFare Ballet is also open to parent/senior volunteers with performance skills or those who wish to participate in weight bearing/stretch technique classes or other specialized works for all ages.  Participation to be determined by the ArtFare Ballet teacher’s council.

Classes are held on the third floor

Saturday: Parent/Child & Student 1:00- 2:20 pm

Friday: Adult Beginner 12:00 – 1:30 pm and 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Wednesday by arrangement with Director: 3:00pm and 5:00 pm

Men’s Classes Available

Company Rehearsals by arrangement of Teacher/Council

Schedules may vary.

Call to inquire as to class prices.


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