ArtFare.org was the genius creation of Preston Collins and has been serving the downtown community as well as providing arts and opportunities to everyone for 10 years. The ArtFare is education driven and providing the tools to artist of all genres is paramount. 

ArtFare has long supported the local arts community through scholarships, grants, reduced-fee use, and in-kind donation of the spaces, services and equipment made available to artists and arts organizations which are undergoing difficult times, transitioning or newly emerging. To find out how you can become an ArtFare partner send an email to space@artfare.org

ArtFare formerly worked in partnership with Providence Corporation and Global Education in hosting Tucson Academy of Leadership in Arts Middle School which provides arts curriculum with the assistance of local artists, who will serve as faculty along with teachers of more traditional core classes.

Former Artfare artists include the renowned Arizona Jazz Academy, AIA Films: James Arnett, Old Pueblo Theatre Solutions, Fine Line Industrial Arts: William Hagey, El Ojito Springs Gallery and Theater: Randy Ford, Diverse Dance, House of Dance, Carrie Rangle, Rings of Saturn Winterguard, Zydeco Folk Musician Maker, JP Thom-Gronogan, Lyric Arts: Mary Ellen Palmeri, abstract artists Felicitas and Francheskaa, Capoeira Malendragem, artist Stefan Bucher (AIGA), Pulitzer Prize nominee Ken Tesoreri (Coyote Players) and numerous other  fine artists, sculptors, dance troops and bands.


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12 02 2009

Can you please post a menu for your restaurant on this site? For a new restaurant, it sure is hard to find any information on it, except for Gerald’s review.

13 02 2009

You ask. We deliver…. literally, we deliver… lol… call and we’ll talk about it.

20 09 2009

If you are ever looking for a very polished rock band for an event, please consider us.
We have been playing at least 2 times a month for the last 3 years. We bring full lights and sound for a very reasonable price. We have a consistent following of 100-300 fans.
We have pictures, audio, and video available at one or more of the following sites.


Thank you,
Scott Hamilton

18 11 2009

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your information. I’m making it public in case there are more people out there looking for a band this season. I’ll make sure our events coordinator gets your info. Good luck!

18 11 2009

WTF indeed!

Sorry Keith. We have been closed for what was supposed to be a short summer hiatus and then turned into a long summer and fall hiatus as our board of directors discussed our, er, um, direction. We’re a non-profit 510 (c)(3) and nothin’ moves around here without full board okey dokey. We are about ready to re-open and I assure you we will be open Wednesday afternoons (Monday thru Saturday afternoons actually).

I apologize for the encounter, but some of our resident artists, some outside groups, and workers have been using the space for meetings and rehearsals. Not all of them are as sweet and personable as we are! We have followed up on your encounter and reminded everyone that when they are using the space they have the appearance of representing Burger City and to make nice or don’t answer the knocks. Oye. Again so sorry.

Also to everyone who has left comments which are just now being answered… okay, we are run on volunteer help, so we’re going to admit to not always being able to keep up with our social obligations. We probably are also those people who don’t write thank you notes quickly enough, so we would just like you to know that we do appreciate you all, consider your suggestions and complaints respectfully and look forward to seeing you on the block soon.

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