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27 04 2012






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Cheryl Cage, Candidate for AZ State Senate, Speaks at ArtFare Event

11 11 2009

UFF - Cheryl CageDear ARTFARE Supporters:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak last night at
ARTFARE. It was wonderful to be around such a passionate, creative
group of people and to learn more about what the arts community is
doing to develop the film industry here.

As I discussed last night, it is vital that individuals who care about
the arts become political active. The 2010 election is one of the most
vital in Arizona’s history. We MUST elect people who care about
PUBLIC education, our universities, solar and new technologies and the

Please take a moment to think about how YOU can get involved!
Together we can make a wonderful positive impact in the future of

Cheryl Cage
Candidate (D) Arizona State Senate LD-26

Underground Film Fest

ArtFare Film Liason, Gabi Andres, organized the Pre-Festival Event (Stiletto Heels, Center)

ArtFare Street Fair – August 2009 Performance

30 10 2009

Teen Street offers Professional Acting Direction for Tucson Teens at ArtFare

22 08 2009

Join Teen Street Actors Today

Teen Street Tucson is a professional training and performance company for teen performers who wish to take their artistry to the highest level.

To provide a safe and supportive environment that supports teen members in their desire to express themselves artistically, to improve as performing artists, to use the arts as a vehicle to build leadership skills, and to
prepare for the next step in their careers, be it university auditions or the exploration of professional performing arts careers.

WHEN:  Saturday & Sunday, September 12 & 13 from 1-4 p.m.

WHERE:  ARTFARE – 55 N. 6th Avenue (3rd Floor), Downtown Tucson (across from Ronstadt Transit Center)

PREPARE:  1 monologue (1-2 minutes in length)

WHAT TO BRING:  Headshot & Resume (if you have them)

WHAT TO WEAR:  Comfortable clothing that will not impair your ability to stretch, move or dance

SCHEDULE YOUR AUDITION:  Call Steve Anderson at 520.981.0145 to schedule your audition.  You may be asked to a group callback from 3:15-4:00 p.m. on the day of your audition.  Arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled audition time.

For more detailed information about the company, please visit steveandersonacting.com.

ArtFare Block Party Features Local Arists

4 08 2009

A quick photo stroll through the afternoon’s ArtFare Block Party of August 1.  More photos and posts to follow, including some great photos of the musicians in the next post.

Coppelia Tarantal

Coppelia Tarantal

Early Vendors setting up

Early Vendors setting up

Mr. Longacre discussing summer's end with Students

Mr. Longacre discussing summer's end with Students

Local Ribbon Art and Blown Glass on Sale

Local Ribbon Art and Blown Glass on Sale

Original Photography and African made bracelets

Original Photography and African made bracelets

ArtFare Endless Summer Block Party

1 08 2009

Free event will have bands, kid activities

What it is: The Endless Summer Block Party on Sixth Avenue. ArtFare’s Block Party to Celebrate Tucson’s Birthday

Who it’s for: This is an event for the whole family — from the youngest to the oldest and all in between. Jumping Castle til 6 pm.

When it is: 4-Midnight. Saturday.

Where it is: Downtown at 55 N. Sixth Ave. — between Pennington and Congress streets.

Who’s doing it: ArtFare

What it costs: Free.

Who to call: 520-903-0918

The particulars:

Tucson Academy of Leadership and Arts, a K-8 charter school for the performing arts, will be hosting an open house during the 4-6 pm slot. This is an open house for enrollment. Activities will take place in the street and on the third floor of the school. A jumping castle for the little ones.

ArtFare Artists will take over the ballroom on the third floor of the school with exhibitions of Dance, Singing, Youth Groups etc.

Tucson Birthday Ambassadors will be on hand to provide information about the other activities in the monthlong celebration of Tucson’s 234th birthday.

A stage will be set up in the street for live music and dance throughout the evening.  A beer “garden” will open around 7 pm kicking off the “adult swim” portion of the evening. Burger City will serve as the “beer garden”. Local bands will perform.

Vendors will be serving burgers, hotdogs and street roasted corn will be available and much much more.

ArtFare is a 501 c 3 non-profit arts organization and this is the 6th year celebrating the Endless Summer of Tucson.

We are also celebrating the 100th birthday of Tucson Birthday Celebration’s founder, Cele Peterson.

Dignitaries, Artists, and UA students as well as downtown residents and the curious are all invited to attend

This is an event for the whole family — from the youngest to the oldest and all in between.

Hosts: ArtFare.org; Providence Service Corporation; Tucson Academy of Leadership & Arts; Old Pueblo Theatrical Solutions

What it costs: Free.

ArtFare Ballet Company Joins Dance Classes Offered

26 06 2009

ArtFare Ballet

55 North Sixth Avenue

Tucson, Arizona 85701

520-440-1126 or 520-884-5124

The traditions, work, and combinations of Mme. Mitrovich and Cecchetti Technique are at the core of ArtFare Ballet, though the program includes choreographing original ballet with original music. The work presented is influenced by Mr. George Zoritch, Stephanie Stiegers and Jane Matty, and Jose Valenzuela and his American Ballet Theater tradition and experience along with  Nancy Gambion who taught Cecchetti Technique at Pima Community College  and more recently Carrie Ragsdale, also from Pima.

ArtFare Ballet presents children’s performances, including original works, and in the near future, a new ballet featuring one of the great Capoesristas.

The last ballet performed, “Scheherazade”,  featured two company soloists and six local children.  Our goal is to not only expose children who might not have previous training (classical dance, music, drawing, painting, poetry, etc) but also to have these children participate. They learn as they go, making their own costumes, learning to get themselves on and off stage at the proper time, learning to try really hard.

ArtFare Ballet is also open to parent/senior volunteers with performance skills or those who wish to participate in weight bearing/stretch technique classes or other specialized works for all ages.  Participation to be determined by the ArtFare Ballet teacher’s council.

Classes are held on the third floor

Saturday: Parent/Child & Student 1:00- 2:20 pm

Friday: Adult Beginner 12:00 – 1:30 pm and 4:00 – 5:00 pm

Wednesday by arrangement with Director: 3:00pm and 5:00 pm

Men’s Classes Available

Company Rehearsals by arrangement of Teacher/Council

Schedules may vary.

Call to inquire as to class prices.