Muse Gallery Opens on ArtFare Block – Media Coverage Ensues

14 11 2009

‘Muse’ gallery showcases PCC talent

Posted by College Publication at Thursday, October 15, 2009

‘Muse’ Art Gallery showcases PCC talent

Photos by Jessica Canchola
Story by Katie Cunningham

The Muse Art Gallery on Sixth Street at Congress hosted a show Oct. 10 consisting of Pima Community College student’s art. Following the art show, a local band performed.

The Muse was previously located on Fourth Avenue in an old YMCA building. However, that building was torn down so the gallery moved to Sixth Street.

The Muse, Burger City and TALA School are all owned by a non-profit organization, ArtFare.
Most employees volunteer, including PCC student Susana Valente.

“I really want people to be intimate about their art,” Valente said.

Valente, who will soon graduate with a fine arts degree, hopes to continue her education in business, advertising and marketing. At The Muse she is an artist and organizer.

“The Intimate Show” as Valente named it, was a chance for the Tucson community to see what local artists have accomplished.

Along with the art display, a local band played on the third floor of the TALA school. PCC student Serena Rose is the violist and bassist in the band, Enshpere. The current members have been together for about a year, playing a sort of alternative rock with a twist.

“This is a liberating place,” Rose said of The Muse. “It’s an awesome outlet for Tucson.”

Both Valente and Rose said they feel free to express themselves at gallery. Valente has painted a large mural on one wall inside the building, spending two and half months and about 3,000 hours on the project.

At the TALA school, children attend during the day and artists flock for practice space at night. “It’s open 24/7,” Valente said.

The Muse has a graffiti area in the back that is always open to artists. At The Muse, the creators are called “artists” rather than taggers. The colors and pictures are beautiful compared to the tagging seen on most walls.

“It shows a more artist community,” Rose said.

The Muse art show displayed many creative pieces from PCC students and the added music made for an artistic night.

This smaller sized art gallery is making a splash with Tucson artists. There will be more shows to come from the ArtFare venues, so keep your eyes open.