Who’s in Burger City? Why are the Windows Taped?

18 11 2009

A lot of people have been stopping by the (closed) restaurant, tapping on the door and saying hi.  More have been asking “Who are the people in Burger City when I stop by?”

Short List?

Tig Collins – going over inventory and getting ready for our re-opening.  Working with our marketing staff on new menus and coordinating our blogs and other social media.

Tami Countryman – Project Manager for the re-opening, and her crew of volunteers who are rearranging the furniture and making sure all the paperwork is filed and in order for Burger City (wow, staying open during the summer would have been so much easier!)

Steve Anderson – Director and instructor for Teen Street Players, a youth Theatre group which is part of UACT – Urban Artist Conservatory of Tucson – offerings.  They are taking classes and having rehearsals.  Remember all of ArtFare Block is “shared space” and you will meet artists, musicians, and other performers everywhere on the ArtFare Block.

ArtFare Block volunteers – We have lots of great things happening and many announcements for your arts pleasure this holiday season, so we are having lots and lots of meetings in Burger City.  Continue watching this site, check out our twitter page, and more to find out what’s happening.

The windows are covered to give our ArtFare volunteers some privacy as they work to get us re-opened quickly.  We love you all but we had twice as many people inquiring before we put up the paper and less work was getting done.  We promise it will be worth the wait!


Burger City to Open Soon

14 11 2009

After a long hiatus, Burger City, ArtFare’s little burger shop that could, is opening again for lunch.  We anticipate a launch date of less than a week (keep your fingers crossed).

Our menu is still chock full of great burgers, with your favorites here for you.  As always all proceeds go to support the arts and we will be employing artists and musicians to cook and serve your burgers.  Local art is for sale on the walls.  Our tables have been resurfaced (awwww…….) but not to worry, we have plans for new artistic outlets for you while you wait for your food.

In the meantime follow our tweets, see our video on youtube, or search this blog for photos of Burger City to whet your appetite!

Muse Gallery Opens on ArtFare Block – Media Coverage Ensues

14 11 2009

‘Muse’ gallery showcases PCC talent

Posted by College Publication at Thursday, October 15, 2009

‘Muse’ Art Gallery showcases PCC talent

Photos by Jessica Canchola
Story by Katie Cunningham

The Muse Art Gallery on Sixth Street at Congress hosted a show Oct. 10 consisting of Pima Community College student’s art. Following the art show, a local band performed.

The Muse was previously located on Fourth Avenue in an old YMCA building. However, that building was torn down so the gallery moved to Sixth Street.

The Muse, Burger City and TALA School are all owned by a non-profit organization, ArtFare.
Most employees volunteer, including PCC student Susana Valente.

“I really want people to be intimate about their art,” Valente said.

Valente, who will soon graduate with a fine arts degree, hopes to continue her education in business, advertising and marketing. At The Muse she is an artist and organizer.

“The Intimate Show” as Valente named it, was a chance for the Tucson community to see what local artists have accomplished.

Along with the art display, a local band played on the third floor of the TALA school. PCC student Serena Rose is the violist and bassist in the band, Enshpere. The current members have been together for about a year, playing a sort of alternative rock with a twist.

“This is a liberating place,” Rose said of The Muse. “It’s an awesome outlet for Tucson.”

Both Valente and Rose said they feel free to express themselves at gallery. Valente has painted a large mural on one wall inside the building, spending two and half months and about 3,000 hours on the project.

At the TALA school, children attend during the day and artists flock for practice space at night. “It’s open 24/7,” Valente said.

The Muse has a graffiti area in the back that is always open to artists. At The Muse, the creators are called “artists” rather than taggers. The colors and pictures are beautiful compared to the tagging seen on most walls.

“It shows a more artist community,” Rose said.

The Muse art show displayed many creative pieces from PCC students and the added music made for an artistic night.

This smaller sized art gallery is making a splash with Tucson artists. There will be more shows to come from the ArtFare venues, so keep your eyes open.

Tami’s Treasure House – A New Addition to ArtFare Block

14 11 2009

Just in time for the holidays, a new addition to the ArtFare family – Tami’s Treasure House.  If you’re looking for Christmas ornaments, decorations for your home, an office gift for exchange or a personal piece of downtown art for yourself, visit Tami’s Treasure House, only a few steps from Burger City.  Many items are handcrafted by Tucson artists, and you will find gently used collectibles and new merchandise in especially for the holidays.  Go down to the block and meet Tami.


Dept 56 Christmas Village Collectibles


Cheryl Cage, Candidate for AZ State Senate, Speaks at ArtFare Event

11 11 2009

UFF - Cheryl CageDear ARTFARE Supporters:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak last night at
ARTFARE. It was wonderful to be around such a passionate, creative
group of people and to learn more about what the arts community is
doing to develop the film industry here.

As I discussed last night, it is vital that individuals who care about
the arts become political active. The 2010 election is one of the most
vital in Arizona’s history. We MUST elect people who care about
PUBLIC education, our universities, solar and new technologies and the

Please take a moment to think about how YOU can get involved!
Together we can make a wonderful positive impact in the future of

Cheryl Cage
Candidate (D) Arizona State Senate LD-26

Underground Film Fest

ArtFare Film Liason, Gabi Andres, organized the Pre-Festival Event (Stiletto Heels, Center)

Message from James Babcock – Comic Con at Hotel Arizona

6 11 2009
Hi One and All.
This is James E. Babcock just letting you know that this Saturday November 7, 2009 down at the Hotel Arizona downtown there’s going to be a Comic Convention free to the public starting at 9 am and going on until 7 pm and I will be manning one of the tables there doing my Personalized Comic Strips for all to see and buy.

So I ask any of you who would LOVE to see yourself in one of my Personalized comic strips to come by and check out what I can do for you. Note: If you can’t make it check out the attachment to this letter and it’ll tell you how you can hire me to do your next party.


So Come On Down!

James E. Babcock
Freelance Cartoonist

Message from Eric Schumacher – Writing Fren-Zee 2nd Screening

6 11 2009

From: Eric Schumacher
Date: Nov 5, 2009 2:58 AM
Subject: Writing Fren-Zee 2nd Screening

For those Tucsonans who missed the premiere: Please spread the word, screening #2 for the delightful romantic comedy: “Writing Fren-Zee” takes place at the Beowulf Alley Theater Company, 11 South 6th Avenue, Tucson, AZ at 7pm on 11-15-09! Tickets are only $5.00.  The film co-stars Jonathan Northover, Nate Campbell and your truly. Come enjoy this wonderful film.  I look forward to chatting with you after the show.

Cheers and God bless you,