Cheryl Cage, Candidate for AZ State Senate, Speaks at ArtFare Event

11 11 2009

UFF - Cheryl CageDear ARTFARE Supporters:

I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak last night at
ARTFARE. It was wonderful to be around such a passionate, creative
group of people and to learn more about what the arts community is
doing to develop the film industry here.

As I discussed last night, it is vital that individuals who care about
the arts become political active. The 2010 election is one of the most
vital in Arizona’s history. We MUST elect people who care about
PUBLIC education, our universities, solar and new technologies and the

Please take a moment to think about how YOU can get involved!
Together we can make a wonderful positive impact in the future of

Cheryl Cage
Candidate (D) Arizona State Senate LD-26

Underground Film Fest

ArtFare Film Liason, Gabi Andres, organized the Pre-Festival Event (Stiletto Heels, Center)




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