Burger City on Hiatus during August

7 08 2009

Thanks to all who attended the August 1 block party and for those of you who just discovered Burger City we want to let you know that it is ArtFare tradition to go on hiatus for the month of August which means that Burger City will go dark.  But not all the way.

ArtFare and Burger City employees will remain hard at work getting Tucson Academy of Leadership and Arts (our K-8 Charter School) ready to open on August 17.  TALA is receiving a complete remodel and has students and parents excited about returning. Enrollment is ongoing.

Burger City employees will lend a hand and help with painting, cleaning, moving, and stocking the facilities (yes the hard work will be left to the contracted help, but everyone joins in to the best of their ability on the ArtFare Block).  Burger City corporate manager, Roy Schaefer will concentrate on the renovations needed to open the new restaurant on the east side of town.

In the meantime, Burger City 1 staff – that’s the employees at the downtown restaurant – will be reworking the menu, making changes to the shop, and welcoming guests for special events.  A new website is in the works, and we have added a Twitter account for updates (tweet us @burgercity).  Burger City 1 will reopen for regular business with regular hours (!) on September 1Burger City 2, at Williams Centre, is set to open Sept 1 also and we will hold a grand opening event to celebrate both shops going back online.

That’s right, Burger City 1 will still be available for special events.  Our kitchen is not closed.  Staff will be on hand to cater receptions, performances, to rent the space out for fundraisers and for special dinner and lunch meetings which are scheduled for our downtown friends.  We are working on a very special project which will transform the building in the evenings and present Burger City with an alter ego!

Our largest special event will be open to the public and is our contribution to the opening of the 4th Avenue underpass on August 20.  John C Scott and his radio show will broadcast live from Burger City and we will be open and serving burgers during the event.  You will be able to preview some of the changes.

Other projects include the unveiling of a fresh way to find out what’s happening on the ArtFare Block.  Our arts instructors are about to blow the lid off the block so make sure to come down to the block on August 20!




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