TTS Milonga At ArtFare – Music by Derrick Del Pilar

28 05 2009

TTS Milonga

At The ArtFare

Presented by the Tucson Tango Society

Saturday Night May 30, 2009

Music by Derrick Del Pilar

Derrick Del Pilar came to tango while living in Buenos Aires in 2006, where he not only began training in dance, but also studied the music, history, and poetry of the tango at the Universidad de Belgrano. As a DJ, Derrick’s goal is to let the music of the Golden Age orchestras inspire as many dancers as possible by creating a coherent mood within and across tandas. He has been inspired by the privilege of dancing at weekly milongas with musical arrangements by some of the most renowned tango DJs in the U.S., including Shorey Myers, Vijay Namasivayam, Ney Melo, Rina Gendelman, and Felipe Martinez.

8 p.m. – 1 p.m.


55 North 6th Avenue

3rd. Floor

Tucson, AZ

Across From the Ronstadt Transit Center

Ample Parking on 6th Avenue, In the Pennington Garage, Or On the Street

Light Refreshments

Call 520-742-9631 for details




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