Gerald Gay on Burger City, Tucson

20 12 2008

Morsels: Tucson restaurant news for Dec. 18

Tucson, Arizona | Published: 12.18.2008
Downtown hamburger joint benefits the arts

Burger City, a new lunch-and-dinner joint across the street from the Ronstadt Transit Center, offers more than just fries on the side. With every purchase, diners also get the satisfaction of helping local artists.
ArtFare, a nonprofit arts organization, opened the restaurant last week. It’s helmed by general manager Roy Schaefer and executive chef Jess Andre.
Andre has eight years in the restaurant business. Some of his past employers include Elle Wine Country Restaurant, Wildflower, North and Trident Grill.
Burger City’s menu boasts 12 gourmet burgers, all of them Andre originals, including the Mem’fis City Burger, a hand-pressed sirloin-and-chuck patty covered in creamy peanut butter and banana slices on a Viro’s Bakery roll. There’s also the Hanalei, which comes with teriyaki sauce, candied bacon and pineapple jerky.
“I wanted to create something unique that you couldn’t get at other burger restaurants,” said Andre, 26. “There are very few places that have just burgers. I wanted to create a variety within the burgers so anybody looking for any kind of food can find something here.”
All proceeds from Burger City, 47 N. Sixth Ave., will benefit ArtFare. For more info, go to artfare.wordpress. com.

— Gerald M. Gay

To read the original article and more by Gerald M. Gay click here

Also found in this edition of the Arizona Daily Star




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